High Poly Model Not getting processed

Good Day,

Please help me identify the cause for the error.
My Job ID : 967265

Thank you

Hi Suraj,

This is the error we can see in the backend:
Failed at: […] RawModel has been attempted too many times or run too long. The job may have previously timed out.

That means one of the following could apply:

  • Your asset is very big (>500mb) or has a lot of high resolution textures and your configuration produces alot of data (eg. asset simplification mode: preserveMaterials&Nodes)

  • The optimization was queued due to another “power user” and timed out (this should usually not happen)

Can you try to optimize again and if it is failing again please let us know which preset you were using and do not delete the base asset, so we can have a look.



No, I tried again, But I still get the error while processing.
Job ID : 987585

Hi Suraj,

The issue with this optimization lies in the configuration you were using in combination with the complex input file.

It looks like you are using the following asset simplification workflow inside your preset: “PreserveUVs”

For this complex input dataset we recommend the asset simplification mode “Atlas Baking”

In addition there might be something we can fix during the process (preserving the material colors) in order to cut down the processing time and thus avoiding the process to run into time-out.

Hope that already helps!