Procssing errors

Getting a few job errors today:

Job-ID: 1124371

Job-ID: 1124370

A similar 3D model processed fine:

Job-ID: 1126417

Any info explaining the issue(s) is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey nebulousflynn,

We had a look at these IDs and the error message is:

Failed at: Exception msg: App\Jobs\ProcessRawModel has been attempted too many times or run too long. The job may have previously timed out.

That usually means that a process took to long on the workers and did run into the timeout limit.
Looking at the attempted preset, it looks like baking 8k png maps for these to assets (azurit,hematit) reach that limit while the other asset (kalcit) could be finished before the timeout.

I will circle back to the team and see if we can improve on the time out limit here or if there are other measures to be taken in order to avoid these types of issues.

Thank your for reporting this!