Error after processing

Hi there,

i have encountered a problem, that my glb, after processing the optimizer, is not accessible. There is only a note, that there is an error, and that i should address this to the support.
However, there is also not a possibility to address the specific problem directly to the support yet.

Can you help?


Hi Orendt team,

thanks for reporting!

Personal support (ticket system) is currently only available with the commercial plans, but it would still be great if we can help you somehow here.

Can you provide me with the ID of the Base Asset / RapidModel where this happened, and maybe the preset that you used? We can then have a look at the data (with your consent).

Thanks & Best,

OK, there were some problems that affected several accounts and the ability to optimize models in the Web UI (API was not affected, luckily). Many apologies for the inconvenience!

We are working on this - may I ask you, in the meantime, if you used a custom preset, possibly with dropTextures / preserveUV functionality, or if you used factory presets? Thanks in advance!

Fixes are live now. Thanks again for reporting. You should also receive an e-mail soon from our support. In case there any more issues, just let us know.

Job-ID: 649763 Error after processing 2 times

Hi Felicina,

You process ran into a time out during baking step (it took too long). We will fix this with the upcoming update of the core software running on the cloud instances. That update will speed up the baking process and thus will solve your issue. We let you know once the update is live!

Best Regards,


Hi Felicina,

The Update is now live and your asset should run through the optimization succesfully!