Vertex colours from base model not baking to rapid models

I have a base model on my account “Deep Circular Charger with Everted Lip” - it is vertex coloured (no albedo / colour texture) - the output rapid models do not include vertex colours baked to an image map.

If I am correct I believe this is possible? The Rapid model preview shows a coloured model, but the 3D preview and downloaded files are plain white :frowning:

Rapid models in question on my account are:

Any help and info gratefully received :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!

I can see that the model has a texture even in the output, but it doesn’t seem to be applied correctly (in neither BabylonJS viewer nor in the ThreeJS drag and drop one). Strange indeed!

We’ll investigate and report back here.

Update, this has been fixed in the latest dev version. Will take some more days til we have it on the cloud, but should be good then… I’ll ping you here.

Background: It was an issue about our baking producing metal-roughness maps while other parts for these models used specular-glosiness, and once that extension (spec-gloss) is used, glTF will ignore the standard metal-roughness maps… so we have to handle this case differently and bake spec-gloss instead.

Hi, Max - I just sucessfully processed a vertex coloured model > optimised mesh + colour and normal maps :+1: Thanks for the fix!

Oh, you were quick! Our core update 4.7 just went live today… cool to see that it’s already working, and thanks for your feedback!