Roadmap for Animations

Hi Rapid-Team,

we really love your engine and used it quite often in the last months. Since we have an upcoming project with animations included in the models, which will later be used for AR, we wanted to ask, if you are also planning to include animation options in your presets.
It would be great to have the options of dropping all animations by export, or combining all tracks to one singular track, in order to have a fully functioning Asset in ARKit as well.
Do you plan something similiar in your roadmap?

Orendt Team

Hi Orendt,

Great to hear that feedback, thanks!

In terms of animation support, RapidCompact already supports the following:

  • Import/Export, decimate models with transform animations (input gltf/fbx/usdz)
  • Import/Export, clean-up (normals, errors, etc.) models with skinned animations (input gltf/usdz)
  • Import settings to discard animations (CLI only): Configuration

As of now all work on further animation support is in the devlopment backlog and not included in any roadmap, however we can always take some feature requests into the backlog and decide on user demand when to schedule this into our development roadmap.

In the following I try to sum up your feature requests and we can add them to our backlog:

  • support the option of dropping all animations in the API / Cloud Platform UI
  • option to combine all tracks to one singular track (usdz, also gltf?)
  • add animation options into API and preset editor (Cloud Platform UI)

Would this be accurate in terms of what you need? Feel free to add anything to this list!


These options would already be really cool, if added. I will also discuss this in our team, and will collect the feedback and ideas which could be helpful. Until then, keep up the good work :slight_smile: