Preset options / Draco Compression

Hi there! A couple of thoughts:

I find the current presentation of presets somewhat of a ‘closed box’ - I’d love to be able to see an overview of what each preset will output before I hit ‘process’ e.g.

  • is the mesh being reduced to a target faceount or % of the original mesh
  • what file formats will the preset make available
  • what texture maps will the preset produce
  • etc.

Or maybe I am just not seeing where this is available?

It would also be great to have a preset or two for Sketchfab :slight_smile:

Running certain presets outputs .glb files that use Draco mesh compression, which unfortunately is not currently supported by Sketchfab - being able to select low/med/high presets that I know will be compatible with Sketchfab would be great.


Hi Thomas,

Indeed very good points!

We plan to enhance the factory presets with the next frontend update with the following features:

  • Edit Presets Functionality (Similar as seen with Custom presets)
  • This will be done by either copying the factory preset in your custom preset section or offering a “revert preset” button - atm be prefer option 1

Also, the current preset settings are written according ot the respective guidelines of the targeted tools & platforms. We will see if we can include the links to theses guidelines into a “help info box” on the respective presets.

We will also check where the draco mesh compression is applied on default, that is indeed a bit counter productive for certain outputs.

And sketchfab presets is great! We will definitely have a look at that :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your feedback and

Best Regards,



Thanks @juliandgg3d - I look forward to updates as they are applied :slight_smile:

Real quick update on this… we haven’t forgotten, but haven’t added all details yet either. For now, we show a quick summary of the preset, possibly including a link to the external spec that was used to create it (if any):

We’re intending to add more infos on the actual parameters as well

Thanks, that’s a useful addition :pray: