Asset Upload Failure

Asset upload 748792 has failed after 2 attempts with no indication as to why. Some help would be appreciated.

not sure how I can assist in telling you why it didnt work? I uploaded a few file formats you suggested I could use and it didnt process. By the way you mention you can use stp and igs files on your demo illustration and I dont think you can. I found the whole experience quite bad to be honest, the interface is very poor, instructions are pretty non existent. Ive seen your product in a few webinars and it looks quite useful, we produce AR content all the time and have a high volume of models, I currently process by hand which I obviously dont have the time for. We would happily use a service like yours but after playing for an hour I simply gave up as found it so hard to use!

Hi Andy,

first of all, I am sorry that you had a frustrating and unsatisfying experience on our platform. We understand your feedback and take it very seriously. It us much appreciated that you took the time to come here and share this.

To your points, the support for STP and IGS is not included in the free version. I am sorry if this is not communicated clearly enough. We understand that a first time user would not necessarily look at the pricing table, as the free version is advertised. If you go to the page, you can see in the pricing table that the Free version does not include those formats, and also does not include access to the REST API:

Again, we do understand that this is a communication mistake on our side, not on yours. I have just unlocked REST API access for you (valid until 8th of March), so you can try it out. The documentation for the REST API can be found here:

In case you do not have resources for the API integration you can also try out our free python tool which is using the API:

If you have any questions about it, please let us know. We know optimizing large amounts by hand is not a viable option, so we focus on providing automation solutions.

For instructions, we understand they are hard to find, so we will try to improve it. Here a link to the documentation, including video explanations:

I have also allocated a few extra points to your account, so you will have more room to try it out.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. If you have questions, please let us know.

Best regards,

Hi Ron,

our tech team is looking into this and will come back to you shortly.


@ronpadz Our developers looked into the issue. We fixed the processing for glTF files containing non-float vertex colors (as in your example). We will let you know, once the patch goes live!