High Polygon UV Requirement

Hi guys,

Does the UV of the High polygon mesh needs to be unwrapped before you upload and optimize it? I did make some test and it looks like it needs to be unwrapped properly?

I’m using 3Ds Max and below are the results of my tests so far, the one on the left is the high polygon mesh that has textures “UV mapped” that works for rendering and the one on the right is what I got when I uploaded it to RapidCompact.

Can someone please verify this for me please. I have been through the Documentation and didn’t see anything saying its needed.

Can you verify the result exported from 3dsMax (FBX?) renders correctly in other tools? If not, it might be related to procedural uvs that generated live for rendering, such as a “box mapping” - these might not be supported. If you have an example that’d be even nicer of course!

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, the one on the left has “box mapping”, we have tested this in blender and it showing the same results.

Thanks! Just to clarify, you mean same results as in same as in RapidCompact (broken) or same as in 3dsMax (working)?

In any case, I believe this would need to be addressed by the dev team, best with an example FBX file, so far AFAIK there was no support of generator UVs (Box, Spherical, …).

With that said… we have shown a solution that is able to import 3dsMax files directly, at SIGGRAPH this year (Siggraph 2022 - RapidCompact – 3D Optimization Software. => coming at around ~3:55 in the video). We would love to make it available on our public cloud system by this spring, and it’s already in alpha for selected enterprise clients (on-premise), so in case that fits with your company, feel free to get in touch via e-mail as well and we can think about doing an evaluation with your team too.

Thanks for sharing this, and excited to see how we can support you better here, hopefully in the near future!

Thanks for this, really appreciate it. I will try to relay this to the management.

In the meantime here’s the FBX I exported from 3Ds Max with “Embed Media” enabled (didn’t change anything with the UVs):

Below is the result we got with Blender showing the same results when we upload it to RapidCompact (Broken textures), the goal is to make the AR version similar to the Renders from 3Ds Max.

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Perfect, thanks so much for sharing, and let us know if your team wants to talk further.